Core API for blockchain applications.

Build sophisticated applications in a fraction of the time using our low-code blockchain APIs.

APIs for Low-Code Application Development

Provide offers performant, best-of-breed REST APIs Check out our docs.

Supported API Languages: Swift PHP Ruby Golang Android Python Curl Javascript Groovy C#

Smart Contracts

Provide makes it easy to create user-friendly experiences and new business opportunities while improving time-to-market and developer productivity.

Deploying a smart contract via Provide affects the automatic generation of a RESTful client API implementation for all publicly-exposed ABI methods in the contract, in a variety of modern programming languages.

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Signing Identities or Wallets for blockchain applications

Signing Identities

Signing Identities are used by a Wallet for programmatically managing digital currency or tokens.

Provide enforces network affinity with managed signing identities to prevent sending assets to the wrong network.

Developers can choose to use custodial or non-custodial signing within their applications. If the signing identity is custodial then the platform will sign and broadcast transactions to the network on behalf of an authorized user or application.

IPFS Connector

Distributed Filesystem

Web3 is a new paradigm of peer-to-peer applications which depend on new storage paradigm: distributed filesystems.

Provide eliminates the complexity of connecting to public and private IPFS networks and we are making it easy for organizations to leverage this technology to share data and secure it with immutable proof-of-existence attestations on public blockchains.


JWT tokens

API Tokens

The Provide APIs require a bearer JWT with authorized claims, which is signed when our token service vends the credential on behalf of an authorized user or application.

API Tokens contain an identifier referencing the authorized entity as the subject in the JWT payload. The encoded token may also include an expiration and arbitrary data, among other standard JWT fields.

We are working on extending this decentralized approach to authorization in the open source community in projects like Connext and NATS.

blockchain oracle


Oracles provide a means for smart contracts to connect to events outside of a decentralized blockchain network. 

For example, Oracles can connect to IoT data such as temperature and location. Or financial data, such as the spot price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Provide includes an Oracle service that gives you a head start to connecting your smart contracts with real world events.

alt coins cryptocurrency ERC20 ERC721


Provide Token Contracts are an extension of our Smart Contracts API and make asset tokenization or setting up a new airdrop for your users a breeze.

We are strong believers in community projects such as OpenZeppelin to offer best-of-breed support for standards such as ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1820.

Plug and Play

Provide works with your current technology stack.


A low-code experience for enterprise developers.

Our web UI for developers allows for easy access to network and application details.

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Built for speed.

Provide leverages NATS as a messaging backplane. Our low-latency infrastructure is capable of extreme global scale, blazing speed and is highly fault-tolerant.


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