The Blockchain Message Bus

The easiest way to integrate your business applications and data with public or permissioned blockchain.

message bus deployment to blockchain

How it works

The Provide message bus is a low-code distributed systems architecture for publishing arbitrary data "messages" to a distributed filesystem and seamlessly anchoring the proof-of-existence for each message on a configured public or permissioned blockchain.

Interested network participants can subscribe to message subjects and receive real-time notifications when new messages are available.

Each message bus can be thought of as a logical application consisting of a configured blockchain, distributed filesystem, on-chain registry smart contract and permissioned organizations.

on-chain smart contract registry

On-chain registry

The on-chain registry is an immutable ledger containing published message metadata.

distributed decentralized filesystem

Decentralized filesystem

Regionally load balanced distributed filesystem like public or private IPFS.

publish and subscribe pub-sub

Publish and subscribe

Subscribe to message subjects to programmatically affect the execution of business logic.

blockchain transaction viewer

Transaction viewer

Block and filesystem explorers provide details about actors, transactions and data.


Permissioned network

Permission users and organizations and optionally leverage integrated KYC.

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