Blockchannel Podcast: Building for Crypto Developers, with Kyle Thomas

Blockchannel Podcast: Building for Crypto Developers, with Kyle Thomas

Provide CEO, Kyle Thomas joins Blockchannel's podcast hosts Steven McKie and Dr. Corey Petty to discuss how companies are building on blockchain, and how Provide is inspiring people to use blockchain with a completely modernized payments solution that works on fiat.

On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie and Dr. Petty sit down with Kyle Thomas, Provide Technologies CEO to discuss blockchain in the enterprise. Kyle shares the backstory for the Provide Platform, explaining how Provide builds client libraries and APIs to simplify the management of deploying blockchain-based nodes.With the platform stable, Provide is rapidly building out enterprise grade services to ease adoption of blockchain-based technologies. The first solution is Provide Payments, a low-cost settlement solution deals in 23 fiat currencies globally using Ethereum and state channels on the backend. This leads to a broader discussion on building for enterprises and gaining their adoption, including how it’ll take a focus on business value for us to get there.

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