Key Updates from the Inaugural PRVD OASIS PGB Meeting

Key Updates from the Inaugural PRVD OASIS PGB Meeting

The inaugural PRVD OASIS PGB Meeting took place on September 8, 2022 with members from Provide, Synadia, Chainlink, BankUnited and OASIS in attendance, marking an important milestone in the project’s governance. PRVD is an officially chartered and launched OASIS Open Project!

Several key topics were discussed:

  • Election of Chairs: Kyle Thomas was elected PGB Chair and Seena Foroutan of Chainlink will serve as Co-Chair of the PRVD OASIS open project.
  • Indoctrination of proUBC: proUBC, an open-source ABAP implementation of the Baseline middleware pattern for SAP, written specifically for use with the PRVD stack, was officially added to the scope of the PRVD OASIS project charter. This sets the stage for widespread enterprise adoption and community development– including a number of exciting grant opportunities– under the guidance of PRVD OASIS.
  • Baseline Contributions and Repository Transitions: Kyle highlighted the various projects contributed to the PRVD OASIS open project charter by Provide and demonstrated how each of those projects tie into the BRI-1 reference implementation of the Baseline Protocol. Since the PRVD stack was used to inform the Baseline Standard specification, the two projects will be complimentary. The BRI-1 implementation is being upgraded for submission as a complete test harness for the standard. Provide will transfer ownership of all public repositories contributed to the PRVD OASIS project in advance of the next PGB meeting.
  • Plans for the setup of the PRVD OASIS Technical Steering Committee: Kyle and Seena will be working together to establish the Technical Steering Committee prior to the next PGB meeting. TSC meetings will likely be held twice each month; the initial TSC meeting will likely take place in mid-October. The TSC will be responsible for creating, reviewing and approving proposed grants.

Full meeting minutes from the September 8th call can be found here

Future PGB Meetings will take place on the second Thursday of every month at 11:00 AM Eastern. While only official representatives of sponsoring organizations can speak and vote in PGB meetings, everyone else is welcome as an observer. We look forward to seeing you there on Thursday, October 13th, and sharing more frequent updates about PRVD OASIS, the PRVD Stack, as well as the continued development of the Baseline Protocol.

PRVD OASIS represents a very big opportunity for organizations and developers. Become a PRVD OASIS sponsor by joining us in Slack.

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