Now available: proUBC enablement documentation

Now available: proUBC enablement documentation

We're excited to share that the first release of the proUBC enablement documentation is now available!

SAP developers and integrators can take advantage of the step-by-step instructions found in the enablement docs to install, configure, and test drive proUBC in their SAP development or sandbox system.

The proUBC enablement docs guide SAP developers all the way through the use of onboarding PRVD tenant credentials to SAP using Provide Shuttle, as well as the creation and first time trigger of a zero-knowledge proof in a PRVD Baseline workflow from a given SAP idoc.

The proUBC enablement docs also include the very first open source example of smart contract integration between SAP ABAP and a public blockchain mainnet. Developers can check out an example of using the proUBC’s PRVD Nchain component to call a Chainlink Price Feed on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

The enablement docs feature in-depth technical explanations as well as a look at the business use cases proUBC aims to provide to Web3 and SAP ecosystems. Look forward to additional updates and best practices to be shared in the proUBC enablement docs as proUBC, Shuttle, and PRVD solution adoption grows.

Check out the proUBC enablement docs here.

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