Provide and BEA Announce Partnership, Videos, Workshop and Webinars

Provide Technologies (Provide), creator of the decentralized platform-as-a-service, and Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors (BEA), a full-service consultancy for blockchain projects, are partnering on sales, education and services. Also announced today is a video series called Blockchain for DevOps, an upcoming free hands on workshop titled DevOps Approach to Build and Deploy Smart Contracts at Georgia State University on February 8, 2019, and a webinar series titled Decentralized Application Security 101.

Provide and BEA Announce Partnership, Videos, Workshop and Webinars

Provide Technologies(Provide), creator of the decentralized platform-as-a-service, and Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors(BEA), a full-service consultancy for blockchain projects, are announcing today a multi-level partnership that allows BEA to be a reseller of Provide services,  and a joint go-to-market program that includes education and services designed to support the growing market where DevOps and blockchain meet.

“Randall and his team have a couple years of experience helping organizations navigate their first footholds into the blockchain space,” explains Provide CEO Kyle Thomas. “Their level of expertise is a massive accelerator and confidence builder for companies that are just ramping up their blockchain investments. To have them standardize their consultancy on the Provide Platform is important validation for us.”

The two companies are also partnering on a variety of go-to-market activities to educate the broader community of developers.

“Blockchain adoption is still in its early stages,” said BEA CEO Randall Lee Pires. “The only way to advance its timeline is to improve the tooling and education. The Provide Platform is a game changer for development, and its agnostic approach to chains, clouds, and protocols means we’re able to help a wide variety of use cases. The alignment of both our companies’ philosophies to provide free and useful developer education and code is a testament that culturally we are going to be great partners.” 

Blockchain for DevOpsvideo series

Also announced today is a video series called Blockchain for DevOps, lead by BEA’s Joshua Armah

“The Provide Platform is purpose-built for DevOps,” stated Thomas. “Blockchain adoption in larger companies is limited by its ability to fit into their application architecture. We built Provide to solve that, and Joshua is doing a great job of showing his fellow DevOps folks exactly how to put it to work for them.”

Currently two videos have been published to the Blockchain for DevOps playlist. Two more are anticipated shortly.

Blockchain workshop: DevOps Approach to Build and Deploy Smart Contracts

Location:Georgia State University, CMII 306, 25 Park Place, Atlanta, GA 30303

Date & Time: Friday, February 8, 2019 from 4:30 to 6 pm

As part of the pre-conference workshop day for TABConf, Joshua Armah will be conducting a hands-on workshop showcasing how to work with blockchain using a DevOps mindset. Attendees will learn how to embrace the modern DevOps approach to writing ethereum smart contracts for common use cases with security best practices. The pair will showcase some new tools that greatly improve the developer experience for writing smart contracts. 

To register for this free workshop facilitated by sign up on the official TABConf eventbrite page.

Webinar series: Decentralized Application Security 101

According to the State of the Enterprise Blockchain Study, 60% of respondents declared security is a primary driver for blockchain deployments. 

Starting on February 21, Provide and BEA will be delivering a webinar series designed to prepare developers on how to think about security concepts and opportunities using blockchain. Over the course of 4 sessions, we will introduce key paradigms, illustrate practical examples grounded in real code, and highlight additional resources and tools to help companies build stronger security into their applications using blockchain.

Smart Contract Best Practices—February 21, 12 PM EST

3% of smart contractsare not secure. This webinar will cover the top do’s and don’ts of building secure smart contracts on Ethereum and techniques to test security. Register now.

Access Sensitive Data via Blockchain Networks—March 7, 12 PM EST

Data privacy on blockchain flips the paradigm of data ownership where individuals permission their data to blockchain networks. This webinar explores how to build applications that consume external data and how to interact with sensitive data. Register now.

Smart Contract Design Patterns—March 21, 12 PM EST

Design patterns are generic, useful templates that are solutions to commonly occurring requirements. This webinar spotlights on some useful design patterns for smart contracts including contract self-destruction, factory contracts used to deploy child contracts, and name registry. Register now.

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Provide Authors Baseledger Whitepaper with Unibright to Describe the "Right Mainnet" for Baselining

Provide and Unibright have authored a whitepaper outlining a public-permissioned, council-governed blockchain network that fulfills the major requirements of enterprise organizations for participating in Baseline-enabled processes. Baseledger is a unified architecture ensuring service quality, data privacy and integration. A testnet will be released later this year and all Provide ecosystems will be compatible with Baseledger.

February 25, 2021