State of the Enterprise Blockchain Study

Provide Technologies, Emory University and Aprio are sponsoring a data-driven deep dive on the State of the Enterprise Blockchain Market. The survey is open to enterprises organizations of all sizes, and results will be shared in January 2019.

State of the Enterprise Blockchain Study

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are rewiring our digital infrastructure and how markets connect. Decentralization is shattering our paradigms on how data, information, assets, and governance are organized. 

The enterprise is keenly aware of these large landscape shifts—and will not be left behind. Substantial funding has poured into blockchain projects and consortiums in recent years.  As the enterprise leaders sift through the use cases, and evaluate them against the standard of scalable business, the rest of the market is looking for signals on how to proceed.

To help assess the enterprise market's progress into blockchain and DLT, Provide Technologies, Emory University and Aprio are sponsoring the 2018 State of the Enterprise Blockchain Market Research Report.

About the enterprise blockchain survey

Designed to be a data-driven deep dive on the demographics, investment, progress, hurdles, and technology preferences, our study will start with a survey.  Open to enterprise organizations of all sizes participate, the study takes about 10 minutes and survey responses are open through December 31, 2018.

For those that opt to be further contacted, we may also schedule a call to discuss your more subjective findings. 

For all of those that share their data, we'll make sure you're first to see the research results. We'll even let you ask questions. Just email us, and we'll be happy to talk.

The first preview of key data trends will be available in December. Report information will be shared throughout December, and the final report will be published in January 2019.

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