Synchronizing ServiceNow Processes Made Simple with Provide

Synchronizing ServiceNow Processes Made Simple with Provide

The ProvideSync release enables customers such as BankUnited to begin testing the end-to-end process of baselining business records, offering simple and standardized onboarding by way of Shuttle without building expensive new integrations.

The Provide team is thrilled to announce that our ProvideSync application is now available in beta via the ServiceNow platform. This limited release enables customers such as BankUnited, who recently completed a POC with Provide, to begin testing the end to end process of baselining business records, offering simple and standardized onboarding without building expensive new integrations.

BankUnited’s initial POC demonstrated how blockchain combined with Baseline Protocol allowed multiple organizations to ‘synchronize’ their ServiceNow Incident Management processes by registering every interaction as a zero knowledge proof (ZKP) on the Ethereum blockchain, verifying the interaction and solving any data disputes, without revealing sensitive information. In the recent Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Business Readiness Report, BankUnited highlighted more the technological reasons the ProvideSync application would be utilized for their IT Incident Management.

The report states, “As tickets are opened and interacted with, the data is processed in real-time by an instance of the PRVD (Provide) stack running at each edge of the network; point-to-point messages are exchanged among the instances and each organization's ServiceNow instance is updated.  The artifacts produced by this process (zero-knowledge proofs) are staged for eventual settlement on the Ethereum Mainnet by way of a custom EMV-compliant Layer 3 (provide network) and then Layer 2 (Polygon).” 

Antonio Di Perna of BankUnited went on to say “that is where we see the real value. You don’t have to go to the system of record, or even to the client in the case of a dispute.  Our auditors and other parties can just unpack the proof,” adding that “we are excited as this is the first Web3 initiative of its kind.”

ProvideSync is a ServiceNow application which enables baselined workflow synchronization in any ServiceNow instance. Packaged in an easy to use application, ProvideSync guides users through organization and workgroup creation, all within the context of ServiceNow, and makes deploying the PRVD stack to an available mid server easier than ever. 

Once installed and configured, ServiceNow workflows can be synchronized with any external (or internal) system, without the need for new integrations, to provide zero-knowledge backed state synchronization to guarantee data parity between systems. 

The ProvideSync app will be publicly available via the ServiceNow platform in the coming weeks.

Eliminate the need for new integrations, automate your business logic, take advantage of real-time data reconciliation, eliminate costs from data discrepancies and more -- all with ProvideSync.

Connect with us to learn more.

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Chainlink Integration with SAP via PRVD

Provide's very own Ryan Fleischmann has submitted our entry to the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon. Our submission integrates Chainlink price feeds into the SAP S/4 HANA enterprise resource planning system - the #1 ERP system used by Fortune 500 businesses and other global organizations for finance, supply chain and other business processes. In so few words - we used Chainlink price feeds to update the foreign currency rates in SAP. This effort showcases the maturity level of the PRVD stack (the BRI-1 implementation of the Baseline Protocol).

November 18, 2022