(the blockchain "message bus")


Shuttle is a breakthrough integration fabric and blockchain-based iPaaS. Shuttle is a product based on a collection of features previously referred to using the codename message bus.


Shuttle will be the first low- and no-code product on the market to support the emerging Baseline Protocol.

As a member of the TSC for Project Baseline, Provide is committed to contributing to the evolving standards and governance of the protocol itself while commercially supporting baselined Shuttle projects, enabling experiments to operate with continuity and opt-in upgrades as the protocol evolves.

Baseline Protocol

Join the waitlist to signup for early access to Shuttle and be among the first low-code experiments in baselining.

How it works

Shuttle is a low-code distributed systems architecture and secure messaging layer which supports publishing arbitrary and potentially very large messages using a secure, ordered, provable and legally-verifiable mechanism, anchoring the message proofs while preserving the privacy of all parties involved.

Authorized devices, organizations and users can subscribe to one or more message subjects and receive real-time protocol notifications, some of which may be used for signaling the establishment of private, peer-to-peer connections for arbitrary data transfer.

Each Shuttle project can be thought of as a distributed system configured to leverage a specific blockchain network (i.e., the Enterprise Mainnet), a plurality of organizations and their respective data stores (i.e., S3, SQL Server, IPFS, etc.), zero-knowledge circuits and smart contracts providing on-chain registry and privacy services.

Check out the Shuttle documentation for more details about both Shuttle and Baseline.

on-chain smart contract registry

Registry Smart Contracts

Registry and privacy contracts anchor timestamped message proofs and enable zero-knowledge verification on-chain.

entangle legacy system

Data & Process Entanglement

Regionally load balanced distributed filesystem such as public or private IPFS or S3 - or "entangle" legacy systems using our integration fabric.


Encrypted messaging

Subscribe to arbitrary message subjects to affect invocation of off-chain computation logic.

Baseline Protocol

Baseline Protocol

Baseline your data and business processes with Shuttle - the Baseline launchpad.


Turnkey Consortia

Grant granular permission to project organizations and users to streamline onboarding.

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