Provide Featured in EEA Ethereum Business Readiness Report

Provide Featured in EEA Ethereum Business Readiness Report

Read the BankUnited/ServiceNow case study featuring Provide and Shuttle in the EEA's Ethereum Business Readiness Report 2022.

The EEA report represents one of the first attempts to systematically assess the capabilities and potential of Ethereum as a business platform. Through case studies, interviews, and original Ethereum ecosystem research, the report sheds light on the use of Ethereum and Web3 technologies to solve real-world business problems. In the report, the EEA also proposes a framework for businesses to use to understand and assess their options when building on Ethereum.

Download the EEA's full report, which includes the Provide case study on page 56 here. If you prefer, you can download just the case study featuring BankUnited, ServiceNow and our much-anticipated Shuttle product here.

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Key Updates from the Inaugural PRVD OASIS PGB Meeting

The inaugural PRVD OASIS PGB Meeting took place on September 8, 2022 with members from Provide, Synadia, Chainlink, BankUnited and OASIS in attendance, marking an important milestone in the project’s governance. PRVD is an officially chartered and launched OASIS Open Project!

September 9, 2022